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More About These Homes

Choosing a new home is a very important decision. The demand for properties outweighs the available properties that we have. Therefore, we want to make it simple and fair for you to choose one that you like and meets your needs.

We don’t have a waiting list. We advertise our properties so you can choose the ones you want to apply for provided they are suitable for your needs.

The benefits are:

  • You have more choice where you want to live. This helps create settled communities and makes better use of our properties.
  • You only have to register once.
  • All available properties are advertised on one website.
  • You can apply for homes over a wider area. This makes it easier for you to move between areas.
  • We can give you advice about your housing options.
  • You can receive email notifications of suitable properties that match your needs.

Each partner will advertise their properties on the website and invite applications. You can find out more information about each landlord by clicking on their name within thesehomes.com.

You will also find more information in the Help & Other Info section in These Homes.