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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Due to the current pandemic the way we deliver our service is very different. This may affect the timescale in processing registrations and answering queries. Please bear with us and we will contact you as soon as we are able.

If you have any questions about your registration, please email the landlord(s) you have applied to rather than phone them wherever possible.

We are grateful for your patience at this time.

Welcome to These Homes

Welcome to These Homes Digital Letting Service. You can register with These Homes by completing the online registration form.

If you were originally registered on Homehunt then as previously advised you had to register before the 16th April 2021 to avoid losing your original registration date. This means that your date of registration will be the date you complete the registration on These Homes.

What is These Homes

These Homes is a Digital Lettings Service, which has been designed to give you improved access to affordable rented properties across Scotland.

There are seven landlords working in partnership using this service. All of the partners will be sharing the same Housing Register and you can apply for any property which suits your needs.

By offering more choice we hope to build more settled communities and give you more say in where you are housed. These Homes is a simple and straightforward way of letting homes which is fair, open and transparent.

Please go to the Contact us page for individual contact details of all the partners or click on any of the landlords to read more information.

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Register for These Homes

You must register with These Homes before you can apply for housing.

Completing the registration process will ensure that the landlords can award you any priority should you be eligible. You can also apply for priority after you have registered should your circumstances change.

Once your registration has been approved you will receive confirmation that it is live. You will then be able to apply for properties.

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The Partners using These Homes

These Homes North East Scotland are a Collective of three Registered Social Landlords

Latest News

Registering for These Homes

We are still going through a transition period with These Homes and it may take a bit longer than usual to deal with your registration or get back to you, so please bear with us.

The good news is all the landlords are now advertising their available properties on These Homes.

Please continue to watch this space for any latest news with regards to the service and also check each individual landlord pages for updates that may be specific to them.