Inverclyde Common Housing Register

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register with ICHR at These Homes?

Create an account and register

Can I get help to register with ICHR at These Homes?

We do have a limited number of telephone appointments that we can offer to assist our customers register on These Homes. Please telephone 01475 807011 to make an appointment. You may have to wait a number of weeks before we can book you in for an appointment. If you have a family member, friend or advocate who can assist you to register we would encourage you to do this.

What happens with my old ICHR application?

The ICHR has a new Allocations policy, you need to complete a new registration for ICHR to assess you under the new policy. We have moved from a points system to a Priority Pass system. Once you complete your new registration, you will be able to apply for properties and you will be notified if any Priority Passes have been awarded.

What about the documents and supporting evidence I have already provided?

We have all your supporting documents from your previous registration so you will not be asked to provide documents or supporting evidence again.

Do I get to keep my original ICHR application date?

If you complete the new registration on These Homes by 30th April 2022, we will give you the original ICHR application date. Any registrations after that date will have the date the registration is filled out.

How do I get a priority pass?

Priority Passes are assessed based on the information you submit on your registration. Eg if you are overcrowded then you may be entitled to an Overcrowding Priority Pass. If you complete the medical section of the registration then you will be assessed to see if a Medical

How do the priority passes work?

When an available property is advertised, you will be able to see which Priority Pass can be used when applying for that particular property. When you log in you will see an icon showing which Priority Pass is valid for that property. If you have been awarded more than one Priority Pass you will only be able to use the one Pass that is limited to the property advert.

Can I apply for a property without having a priority pass?

Yes, you do not need to have a Priority Pass to apply for a property; however, when the short lists are prepared for the property applicants with Priority Passes will generally be prioritised. There will be occasions where all the applicants who apply for a property do not have Priority Passes, therefore it will be the date of registration that gives the priority.

Can I apply for any properties you advertise?

You will not be able to apply for any property advertised, each property advert will specify the criteria for who can apply. The advert will also specify the shortlisting preferences. Eg which applicants will be prioritised. The advert will also detail which Priority Passes are valid. When you are logged into your account, you will be able to see which Priority Passes can be used for each advert.

What happens with the bids I have made on your previous website?

Any bids for housing you have made on our old ICHR website will still be dealt with under the old policy. Any applications made for properties on These Homes will be assessed with the new policy. From 8th April 2022 you will no longer have access to our previous website.

Why can't I see bid positions any more?

This facility is not available on our new software. As you know the bid positions on our previous software were often incorrect, therefore the information was not helpful. Staff will be unable to tell you what position you are ranking on the short lists while the advert is live. We would ask that you do not call up asking for advert short list positions, as we will be unable to give you this information.

How do I find out if I have been successful for a property?

Staff from the property landlord should be in contact with you within a week or two from the date the property advert closes. If you have been unsuccessful, you will be able to log in to your account and see the status of your property applications.

When will the ICHR properties show on These Homes?

The ICHR landlords will start advertising their available properties on These Homes from Friday 8th April 2022.