East Lothian Housing Association

Mutual Exchanges

We operate a joint exchange list with East Lothian Council called East Lothian X-Changes.

Search for exchange properties using our exchange register search engine.

If you would like to add your home to our exchange list, please fill in the on-line application form. Once your listing is live (this usually takes 1-2 working days), your property will be visible on the list to people searching, and you can print off a flyer advertising your home, should you want to put up flyers in your local area. If you have added your address to our exchange list and then find an exchange, please let us know, as your home and contact details will otherwise remain on our list until the annual review.

Please note that some landlords may have restrictions in place, e.g. no works vans, no pets, etc. Please check if the property you want to move to has these restrictions before applying.