Applicant Feedback Report
Quarter 4 - 2022/23


This report contains feedback data from applicants who registered between 1 January 2023 and 31 March 2023.


Number of surveys completed: 267

The number of completed surveys has increased in the fourth quarter from 232 in the third quarter.

How long did it take you to register?

How easy did you find it to register?

The time it takes applicants to register has continued to remain consistent in the third quarter with 75% of tenants registering within 30 minutes. The proportion of applicants who had difficulty registering also remains consistently low at 8%, in the third quarter this figure was also 8%.

Was there anything you found particularly difficult?

Reasons for finding These Homes difficult to use:

The medical part and the houses were not in the right district. We are wanting Peterhead to be near my son.
Finding homes.
Poor service.
Knowing where all the areas were as I’d not heard of so many of them.
I have problems filling out forms on my phone due to my mental health.
I am hopeless with these things.
The registration was completed by someone else on my behalf. Initially, they put their name as the first applicant, which caused problems, even in cancelling that registration in order to start again.
Understanding how much detail to add into answering questions.
Recommended by housing options but what is being offered/sent does not meet what was expected.
Having to give the same detail in many boxes.
I suppose like all forms there is a lot of questions that I feel that l have answered some things already but it was not too bad.
The fact that as someone who has a secondary health diagnosis and who has experienced domestic violence, the hoops you're meant to jump through are extreme and exacerbated my mental health conditions.
I tried to explain my difficulty and mental health, situation.
I seem to remember some parts the site didn't respond to commands, most likely my fault.
Not clear about reason if downsizing. Also, disability needs and if you actually care for someone in your home with a disability.
To be able to visit the office to get help and ask questions
I find forms confusing and had to get a letter from my OT for medical proof of my needs.
The UI for completing previous address history nearly broke me mentally, genuinely, and needed a paracetamol and a lie down after. The worst form I have ever completed in my life. Having worked in IT for 11+ years, your form is the worst imaginable. For someone who is homeless and in need, this is despicable.
Not being able to see what has been applied for? Despite registering for properties in Aberdeen I receive details of properties from all over Aberdeenshire - ratio; Shire 75% - City 25%.
Too many questions and documents are required.

Can you think of any improvements that would have made the process easier?

Suggestions for improvements:

Being able to add medical notes instead of having to rely on outside sources such as psychologist and such as it is easier and somewhat quicker to attain records than have someone else have to give their permission and have power over a major part in your existence.
A guided map or something for the area list.
Our council officer did nothing about the issues we experience so we have no records. Police came many times, and we never had a report number, So getting documentation is hard to provide.
A bit more explanation of how a person can fill in the form on someone else's behalf at the beginning of the form would be helpful.
A note to advise registration also is the application for assessment for eligibility / ranking.
Situation not regarded as These Homes just offer whatever criteria is on the housing options report.
I wish there was more communication about a property once it's been offered to someone. It should be taken off our page as it's so frustrating seeing it on my profile after calling Ochilview, and they have told me it's been offered to someone else but when I visit its still under as shortlisting very disheartening when you are homeless.
Was not sure about applying online so I called angus housing in Ormiston crescent Dundee and the staff there were extremely helpful they emailed me with step-by-step instructions they done everything they could to help.
Doing the job you are giving to help people.
I found it to be really long. I feel there isn't much point in looking at property details without photos but that's just personal choice.
No one gets back to you with every property.
Ask me personally, meet me so I don't need to tick boxes.
Improving the UI completely, from entering dates and addresses in a more easier format. Adding addresses and dates so that it can easily be inputted. None of the form data aligns. Adding a 3rd address removes the 1st and so you need to add the number of addresses before entering the details, otherwise the data is lost. Mandatory fields need completing when otherwise they shouldn’t be, for example “Do you care for someone? Yes/No” If no is selected the following questions about caring are mandatory.
Get someone to fill the form in for me and better understand my medical needs.
Where a priority pass is awarded why does this not apply to all the housing associations in particular why is Osprey Housing so awkward in this regard - should they be included in this scheme if they do not share the same criteria as the rest.
Better assessment.
Make it possible to see what has been applied for? There are properties on the individual housing association websites that do not appear on the These Homes website. Could it be clarified why they are not available? In summary it's not very clear what purpose These Homes serves over the individual housing associations even with a Homeless Priority Pass?
Less questions and shorter form.

How have you received information?

  Printed Letters Emails Facebook Posts Phone Calls Other
Number 7 234 12 14 23

‘Other’ methods of contact:

Care Manager
From friends
Via Aberdeen City Council
Link from friend
Castlehill Housing Association
Google search
Face to face
Through a foundation
Get sent properties every Friday
Aberdeenshire Council
Housing Association
From family and friends who have used it.
Castle rock housing

How do you rate the service?

An average of: 8.2/10