Applicant Feedback Report
Quarter 3 - 2023/24


This report contains feedback data from applicants who registered between 1 October 2023 and 31 December 2023.


Number of surveys completed: 227

The number of completed surveys has slightly decreased in the third quarter from 242 in the second quarter.

How long did it take you to register?

How easy did you find it to register?

The percentage of applicants registering within 30 minutes has decreased to 67% from 72% in the second quarter. However, the proportion of applicants who had difficulty registering remains consistently low at 6%.

Was there anything you found particularly difficult?

Reasons for finding These Homes difficult to use:

A lot of information the system logged in upon entry.
The way some questions were worded.
Some questions are not clear enough to comply with.
Just filling out form myself and trying to remember everything that’s happened. May have helped if we could have met someone to help with questions.
Finding the part where I put that I´m currently in an overcrowded situation. I still have not received priority passes from all housing associations due to having to amend my application.
All online, very confusing to elderly and non-savvy tech people.
Trying to explain medical information.
Trying to do online difficult for me small writing prefer a form.
Replying to homes available.
Medical details section was a bit confusing and difficult to fill in. I can’t remember exactly what the problem was now but I think it was that I had to decide diabetes was a disability before I could find the tick box. Thankfully I had someone helping me to complete the form. On my own, I would have found completing the form ‘fairly difficult’.
Registering was not that easy, i.e. getting rid of one application to add new details.
It would have been easier of I could have made an appointment with housing officer to help fill in application form as I didn't understand some of the questions which was very stressful.
Couldn't put anything in about how my disability affected my living conditions or space to note that all medical information, Dr's letter, and damp survey report were logged with Eldonian Housing resulting in BHA not awarding me with silver status for housing needs.

Can you think of any improvements that would have made the process easier?

Suggestions for improvements:

Make it simple and clear so that any person from any ethnic background understands it.
It would be nice to get notification every day about available houses in my area instead of picking a day of the week to get notifications.
I have applied for over 50 properties, and I have not even made the short list. I have been homeless since March 2021, I am at the stage now where I can't do it anymore due to my mental health.
I think people should be assessed better; I have written to let you know I am living in fear basically in a close with a 9 week-old baby to be told it’s not immediate threat. No idea who awards the passes, but maybe you should visit people in their situation to see what is really happening before awarding them.
If you accepted a homeless rent agreement letter as a priority or at least a temporary one until a confirmation letter comes through as I missed a home in the area I really need to be in as I was only a bronze when really, I feel I should have been seen as gold priority.
More than one photo of property would help.
Clearer options.
Use of telephone numbers and letters, more tech help, bigger fonts plus practice bidding.
More options to choose about circumstances but I think I could have put more information in the box. I will be updating on my account new circumstances.
Fill in a form in post.
I think that clients should be seen property before lease is signed. The council does it that way.
I felt I had to keep repeating some details.
Provide unsubscribe link in correspondence.
Provide examples on how to navigate medical section, either in form or as a separate note.
Not everyone can do things online. Yes, old ways was made less stressful and knowing if you have completed form.

How have you received information?

  Printed Letters Emails Facebook Posts Phone Calls Other
Number 9 201 9 14 22

‘Other’ methods of contact:

Moray Council Housing Department.
Visit to Abbey Court.
Word of mouth.
From a friend.
Citizen Advice Bureau.
My Aberdeen city council housing officer provided housing web.
My daughter got a house through these homes.
Friends and family.
Internet search.
I searched on Google looking for social housing in some of the areas of Scotland you cover.
I receive emails and phone messages.
Logging into your website.
Google search.

How do you rate the service?

An average of: 8.4/10