Applicant Feedback Report
Quarter 2 - 2023/24


This report contains feedback data from applicants who registered between 1 July 2023 and 30 September 2023.


Number of surveys completed: 242

The number of completed surveys has slightly decreased in the second quarter from 250 in the first quarter.

How long did it take you to register?

How easy did you find it to register?

The time it takes applicants to register has continued to remain consistent in the second quarter with 72% of tenants registering within 30 minutes. The proportion of applicants who had difficulty registering also remains consistently low at 7%, in the first quarter this figure was 8%.

Was there anything you found particularly difficult?

Reasons for finding These Homes difficult to use:

Getting back to me.
I found previous home lived in, current ones confusing.
When registration as homeless you must give an address to continue, this creates confusion that you are not homeless. Such a stupid system.
I am competing for my father as his POA and It would have been helpful to have a box at the beginning for filling it out on another person. There will be many reasons why someone else would complete the process mine was POA. But there are people that cannot read and write, have learning difficultly or mental health difficulties.
Too many papers.
Communicating with each different association and being offered different home sizes to each when we are entitled to a 4 bed due to ages and health but only some will give 4 bed rate and some 3.
To get a priority pass You have to contact your doctor I phoned told to email then told Peterhead health centre do not do doctor recommend.
Changing individual parts of my search and having to go through every page and resubmit.
Dates for history never added up took me over a week tried daily. Called office about 5 times to get help as wouldn't go through.
Rejected application from East Lothian council so no idea why I’m being sent these emails. Homeless in 2 weeks and was looking for a home closer to work ELCH.
All of it....because it is on line.
Not given any guidance on how to complete the form.
I think I will need assisted living, but it looked like you had to be over 55, I am 30. I was never really sure if I was ticking the correct boxes.
All of it was badly designed. It felt like using Windows 95.
My password and or email address were incorrect, so it was unclear as to what I needed to do next.
Remembering dates of moving as I have memory issues. Not enough space for all my illnesses.
Kept getting emails re my registration

Can you think of any improvements that would have made the process easier?

Suggestions for improvements:

Adding medical history to form or uploading the form rather than small print mentioning how to phone or email and ask for form then have to wait for 4 days to get it through post then you have forms to fill in, but they do not come with address to send them to or return envelope. I have forms and it is weekend, so I am going to have to phone you on Monday to find out where I send the form back to. Very frustrating.
It was also not easy to know what happens with when panels sits and how decision are made so that we can feed back to the person we have completed the forms. It would also be helpful that for very sheltered housing letting the person filling the forms that you have received assessments from the care manger and respites. Not Copies but acknowledge that the assessment has arrived with your office and have been processed.
Help people.
Better navigation and more intuitive menu.
Make applicants aware during the registration process if being considered for a property, emails maybe received as SPAM.
Make applicants aware during the registration process if being considered for a property, emails maybe received as SPAM.
Make applicants aware during the registration process if being considered for a property, emails maybe received as SPAM.
What happens after we have registered and applied for housing do you get further correspondence on being successful or unsuccessful. As I immediately applied for a specific house but heard nothing yet.
It takes so long for to be given priority pass, all evidence uploaded on the day of making the application 4 weeks on still waiting for bha to look at it.
To list applicants (not by name) by pass to let other applicants know if they have any chance.
Let us put old address dates easier doesn't accept them. let up type the dates easier and not have WITHIN A MONTH I'm told everyone struggles with that part of its computer never accepts the date.
Help from East Lothian council.
Not having to do it online and able to just talk to human beings.
When new homes are put up for rent it should be put up with a minimum of 5 photos and a detailed floor plan because as i found out to my cost of 1 months’ rent of an Osprey property that turned out to be too small and being 500 miles plus from the property and having photos and floor plan sent to late but had to pay rent or lose the property. This would not of happened if the above were included in the details, and could time and money for all concerned in the long run of people putting in for and then rejecting them when offered to them.
Having an interview with a housing officer to talk through how to fill in the application and use the app. At the moment I’m getting the properties no-reply emails sent to me in Stornoway, but I hope to be down at my sons in North Berwick on holiday at the beginning of October. Will it be possible to call into your offices in Haddington then?
Better IT. Support for people with limited iT skills to be funded by Housing associations.
Please supply a phone number so that the registration process can be completed.
Sign I’m with finger on iPad button would be great.
More space for illnesses and being able to continue on from my previous application used to get property I am now in.
You could have an application form for over 60s.

How have you received information?

  Printed Letters Emails Facebook Posts Phone Calls Other
Number 9 220 10 14 17

‘Other’ methods of contact:

I was at one of their offices at Greenock to pick up a form but was given the website to register online.
Aberdeen City Council Website.
My father now requires very sheltered housing, so it came via dad care manager.
Advised via local authorities.
My support worker in the women's refuge told me about you.
Minds mental health in hull helped me to register so I can be closer to my fiancée.
I was aware through Inverclyde local knowledge.
Check on website.
Called in to office at Cardenas place.
Someone who has used These Homes to apply for properties.
I contacted Abbey Court in Mintlaw and they advised me how to go about applying for accommodation for my mum.

How do you rate the service?

An average of: 8.4/10