Applicant Feedback Report
Quarter 4 - 2023/24


This report contains feedback data from applicants who registered between 1 January 2024 and 31 March 2024.


Number of surveys completed: 202

The number of completed surveys has slightly decreased in the fourth quarter from 227 in the third quarter.

How long did it take you to register?

How easy did you find it to register?

The percentage of applicants registering within 30 minutes has increased to 70% from 67% in the third quarter. The proportion of applicants who had difficulty registering remains consistently low at 10%.

Was there anything you found particularly difficult?

Reasons for finding These Homes difficult to use:

Can’t see how to look at houses suitable for myself and I am not the best with online things.
Providing all the details of why I need a move.
I’m not very good at doing things online and had to get my daughter to help me. Now I can’t seem to find the properties that are available to bid for.
I don’t have a computer or tablet.
Proof of address.
Just because of my disabilities it is hard for me to explain things.
Some of the questions where not relevant.
I could not get in so had to phone to get help.
Some of the questions were confusing.
Re-registration and I had to create another account.
The dates and months of previous tenancies.
Explaining the nature of my circumstances.
Signing in seems to always block me out.
Although I understand that a lot of information is required there seemed to be a huge number of questions. For someone like me (age 76 and registering for the first time ) there was a lot of keyboarding. Staff at Homes for Life Haddington were very helpful.
I can't read properly ergo it takes longer.

Can you think of any improvements that would have made the process easier?

Suggestions for improvements:

Didn't see any where for medical points.
I can’t be specific as it’s my fault that I’m not good with technology.
Assessment for passes was quick by Osprey housing. However, for other housing associations I found it slow and that we missed out on houses where may have been suitable to take my daughter home from hospital.
A human to guide you through.
If you had a house exchange in place it would be beneficial, at the moment you have to give up your tenancy to apply for something else, that you won’t get.
Up loading stuff.
When people come to you needing housing help and can provide proof of violent and dangerous situations, yet you claim they aren’t a priority, that is barbaric.
Being better able to explain the reason I don’t have my son staying is because I am unable to have him staying, but if I had a two bedroom then I would be able to have him 50% of the time.
Paper application forms are no longer popular, everything now has to be done online. For older people however, who do not have younger relatives, paper application forms would be helpful. Scottish Borders Housing Association, though preferring online applications, still have paper forms available.
Highlight that you have to send an email to the separate organisations to inform them of up dates to gain your priority pass.
There's too much back and fourth between this and the homeless office. If your being made to leave and have a landlord selling the house you rent, it should all be done under 1 department. Instead of having to phone ICHR and the homeless separate.
Make it easier to view the images of the property as doing it via pdf format is not always possible as many people may not have access to a pc computer and are using a mobile phone or tablet to apply for property.
Yes, a simplified form.
As I am old style I find it difficult to fill up forms and do emails its best for me to do things over the phone.
The dashboard to be a little less cluttered and seamless in responding to various requests.

How have you received information?

  Printed Letters Emails Facebook Posts Phone Calls Other
Number 1 178 5 10 14

‘Other’ methods of contact:

Got information of friends.
A friend.
Heard from a friend about the website.
Word of mouth.
From Grampian Housing web side.
Had to go online and look them up.
Via Castleton homes.
Team Leader Warehouse Skills Development Programme / Development Worker – Training.
Internet search.

How do you rate the service?

An average of: 8.2/10